What is Mini Medics?

Mini Medics provides primary school children aged between eight and 11 with a basic introduction to First Aid and defibrillation. At the very least, the child will come away from the course able to make a basic emergency phone call, which could be enough to save someone's life.  

Trustworthy Services delivers Mini Medic training to schools. The three hour course covers the following areas in an age appropriate way, mixing theory with practical activities.

  • What is First Aid?

  • Defibrillation

  • First Aid kits

  • Recovery position

  • Choking

  • Safety, communication and contacting the emergency services

  • DR ABC

  • Resuscitation (CPR)

  • Asthma

  • Wounds and bleeding

  • Shock

A boy aged around 9-10 stands outside. He is wearing a green t shirt with Trustworthy Services branding on and denim shorts. The top of his head is bandaged, as well as his left forearm, hand and both lower legs. His right arm is in a sling. He looks moodily at the camera. Behind him is a flowerbed and fence.
Mini medics colourful logo in primary colours
A young boy in blue jeans wearing a white mini medics t shirt demonstrates CPR on a dummy with a green t shirt on.