About us

Trustworthy Services is run by Paul Lailey. Paul has worked in Education for over 20 years and established Trustworthy to provide training and support services to smaller businesses, schools, churches and other organisations who are looking for a friendly, professional and personal service.

He says "As a headteacher I was responsible for health and safety across the whole school community, ensuring the necessary maintenance and improvements of school buildings across multiple sites. This gave me a great understanding of health and safety requirements and necessary risk assessments and precautions that need to be in place. I also have a wide understanding of the complexities of maintaining buildings and ensuring compliance with regulations".

Paul Lailey standing in front of an ambulance. He is wearing a dark green polo shirt and dark trousers. He has short dark hair, a moustache and beard. He is wearing square shaped glasses. The door of the ambulance is open and we can see all the equipment inside. The ambulance side is painted yellow and it has neon yellow and green checks on the doors.
"As a headteacher, the safety of staff and pupils of my schools along with the wider community were paramount and I always valued good advice, training and support. I can provide tailored solutions based on my own experiences of both educational leadership and responsibilities for buildings and grounds."

First Aid audits

As a former designated first Aider of five different schools, and an active Volunteer Community First Responder for South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) Paul can also provide you with a complete first aid audit. This includes risk assessing the existing first aid provision, physically checking all kit and equipment, providing recommendations, training, policies and equipment.

PAT testing in progress. a device is on the table and connected to a handset by wires- held by the tester who also has his hands on the keypad of the silver device.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

Paul can also provide Portable Appliance Testing for your organisation, ensuring that your equipment is safe to to use.  

Friendly, professional and bespoke support